Kelley Lively

Founder/Executive Director

I'm deeply passionate about dog rescue and changing the lives of dogs in need. Let me share my journey and how I got involved in this important cause.

Upon moving to Glenwood, a suburb of Chattanooga, I was alarmed by the many chained pit bulls in local yards, seemingly being trained for dogfights. I promptly reached out to authorities, but sadly, no action was taken, leaving me frustrated. Determined to take action, I sought out opportunities to contribute.

That's when I discovered, an adoption platform linking volunteers with animal rescue groups. I wasted no time and signed up to volunteer. Soon, the East Tennessee Alliance for Animals got in touch, and I started by driving transports for rescued dogs. It was there that I found my true purpose.

Later, I joined the Humane Educational Society, which became a second home. Immersed in the volunteer community, I became even more dedicated. After a year, I took a role as a dispatcher in Animal Control, hoping for a bigger impact. However, witnessing animal suffering took a toll, causing compassion fatigue. With a heavy heart, I stepped back.

Yet, my passion for dog rescue never faded. I continued private efforts and collaborated with local rescues to save lives. In 2018, my husband and I returned to Walker County to live in my grandparents', now empty, home, embarking on a new chapter.

During this time, the idea for Frat of the 4 Paws was born. Recognizing the lack of dog rescues in Walker County, we saw an opportunity. Despite challenges, including my husband Chris' sudden liver failure, we persisted. Chris urgently needed a transplant, with just three weeks to live. Miraculously, he received a new liver in April 2019, two weeks after diagnosis.

Today, Frat of the 4 Paws has finally made it off the ground and we are making a difference with our dedicated team. We're committed to giving countless dogs a second chance and the love they deserve.

Thank you for visiting and joining me on this incredible journey. Together, we can create a world where every dog finds a loving home and lives a joyful life.

Christopher Lively 


Hunter and Jessica Whitlock

CFO and Secretery